Psychological consultation

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The psychological consultation includes one to five meetings with me, each lasting about 55 minutes. During this time I ask you guiding questions. In my work, I use my own method, which I have developed based on techniques from Gelstat therapy and other trainings.

With the right questions, I help you realize the situation in its entirety. I illuminate the hidden things in a particular conflict. The ones that elude you because you are immersed in it and it is harder for you to look at it from the side to reach the solution.

I expand your horizons and thus help you see the possibilities that lie before you. It is a process that leads to uncovering the hidden or unspoken things in a given situation and finding a way out of the problem.

All the while you subtly receive my support without taking sides or giving you a ready made solution. The goal is to reach it yourself. Only then will you be motivated to act to change what you don’t like in your life.

The benefits for you

Solving a big problem that has been troubling you for a long time and keeping you from sleeping peacefully is in itself a great relief. This leads to many positive things for you and your life. The feeling of lightness is one of them.

You gain more clarity, deal with inner hesitations, overcome indecision and get out of dead ends. As a result, your self-esteem improves.

Psychological consultation Психолог Олга Николаева

You gain confidence and self-belief. You prove to yourself that you can. This is how you set yourself up in a resourceful state that favors your daily life and dealing with the tasks in it.

You feel a rush of energy. You no longer lose strength in heavy thoughts, puzzles, worries and constant anxiety. You have energy for more things and time is running out. As a result, you become more productive. The quality of life increases and this is gradually noticeable in all its aspects.

You become aware of the hidden motives behind the decisions in your life.

Psychological consultation Психолог Олга Николаева

Psychological counseling is suitable for:

  • Women who have some nagging problem, personal or professional, that does not give them peace of mind.
  • Women who are confused and don’t know what is the best decision for them and their loved ones. They are not aware of their limits and priorities.
  • Women who face a dilemma. They are at a crossroads in their lives and don’t know where to turn. They often do not dare to make a decision because they are afraid of the consequences.
  • Women who have reached the point where they question whether something they thought was worth fighting for is worth fighting for or giving up on.
  • Women who have not been happy in their relationship with their partner for a long time, but continue to tolerate these relationships because they are afraid to be alone for a while. They worry that they won’t be able to cope with childcare or feel guilty.
Psychological consultation Психолог Олга Николаева
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If at least one of the listed situations sounds familiar to you, then you need professional advice.

To get it, book a consultation with me!